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The ultimate aim of our company is to provide the best lubricant according to the specifications and applications of each of our individual clients. We believe that the product must be used to the advantage of our client and therefore we determine the specific purpose that the lubricant has to fulfill, pinpoint the best product for our client and subsequently help them to use the product to its full and optimum potential. At Star Lubricant Distributors we specialize in providing extended drain intervals and overall cost savings to our customers.

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The Caltex branded products take care of both your diesel engine and petrol engine requirements. Our Delo range of premium products includes diesel engine oils, coolants and greases, while our Havoline range for your automotive engine requirements has a range of specifications to meet your needs. At Star Lubricant Distributors we don’t just supply our client with the best lubricant for their needs, but we also offer a range of lubricant-related services. This includes the selling of lubricants, cost free deliveries, available equipment for lubricants, available oil sample analyses and advice on the best possible lubricant product, which will result in optimum services and cost savings. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: We also have Material Safety Data Sheets, as well as Product Data Sheets. Deliveries are quick and accurate and our service is available seven days a week. Service is something we pride ourselves on! We’re also ready to go the extra mile for our client: If we receive a request for a product that Caltex does not manufacture, we endeavour to go out of our way to provide our client with a suitable alternative.
Excellent service and support
SJ Nel
Walk in Customer (Own use)
Thank you for the technical support and the 24/7 services.
Callie Els
Technical Manager - Strata Mining
Great delivery services and we can trust their input with technical support. We can always rely on them.
JC Coetzee
Owner / Farmer
Thank you for always be there if we need advice regarding lubricants.
Manager - Elf Drilling

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About WearCheck

WearCheck was founded in 1976 by Gary Brown and Lesley and Wally Crawford, in Durban, South Africa. The tests carried out consisted of viscosity, six elements, water, fuel, sludge and debris analysis with no automation. The company employed 10 people and processed less than 500 samples per month. Today WearCheck is a member of the International WearCheck Group (IWCG) and is the pre-eminent oil condition monitoring service on the African continent, processing in excess of 750 000 samples per annum. The IWCG is an association of independent laboratories spanning the globe, dedicated to oil and wear particle analysis. WearCheck’s relationship with IWCG allows for the ongoing exchange of technical information and the ability to offer a worldwide service.

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